Practical conference about ML, AI and Deep Learning applications

Machine Learning Prague 2018

, 2018

They’re among us We are in The ML Revolution age

Machines can learn. Incredibly fast. Faster than you. They are getting smarter and smarter every single day, changing the world we’re living in, our business and our life. The artificial intelligence revolution is here. Come, learn and make this threat your biggest advantage.

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Cloudera Data Science Workbench

Johny Darkwah, Gauss Algorithmic

Recommender Systems at

Ondrej Javornicky, Jakub Drdak, Matej Jakimov, Stanislav Nowak;

Recommender Systems are probably the most visible application of machine learning. They are literally everywhere on the Internet. At, most of what you can see on our website is now generated by some kind of recommender system. This workshop is an introduction into basic, but still very efficient, recommending methods such as Matrix factorization and logistic regression with practical tips for evaluation and how to apply them in practice on large scale. In the second part, you will have an opportunity to play with these methods on our dataset consisting of clicks from homepage of


Deep Learning for Text Processing

Petr Baudis, Simon Pavlik; Rossum

Join us for our workshop and get hands-on experience with Neural Network models used in Natural Language Processing (NLP). We will introduce you to the most common Neural Nets and techniques used in NLP (bag-of-words, embeddings, CNNs and RNNs). You will get familiar with basic classification tasks performed on texts. Together we are going to build word level and character level models and use them to recognize entities in texts. We will be playing with some of the most popular tools like Keras and Tensorflow.

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Music processing and classification

Thomas Lidy, Alex Schindler; Vienna University of Technology


Gensim: topic modelling for humans

Radim Rehurek, Ivan Menshikh; RaRe Technologies

Dig into the Python ecosystem for data science with a hands-on workshop. This workshop focuses on the open source tool Gensim, which is used for unstructured text processing by hundreds of companies around the world. The workshop is run by the maintainers of Gensim and requires a basic understanding of Python, but no prior knowledge of Gensim itself. We’ll cover the architecture and design of Gensim, its strong and weak points, tips for performance and building robust applications. Participants are expected to bring their own laptops, to follow the hands-on exercises. We’ll focus on vector embeddings, using the popular word2vec and fasttext algorithms. Dataset downloads will be specified in advance.


Have a great time Prague, the city that never sleeps

A unique capital where you can breathe centuries of history at every corner. We’ll take a tour to explore the sights, invite you to taste the best pivos (that’s beer in Czech) and bring you back to the present by clubbing with you the whole night!

Impressive Venue

Now the seat of the Czech Philharmonic, the Rudolfinum is a Neo-renaissance building associated with music and art since 1885 and only used for truly outstanding purposes. The comfort, acoustics, and design makes it the greatest venue in the whole of Europe and it’s available for us.

Conference Hall

Alšovo nábřeží 12, Praha 1


CEVRO Institut
Jungmannova 28/17, Praha 1

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What You Get

  • Practical and advanced level talks led by top experts
  • 2 parties in the city with people from around the world. Let’s go wild!
  • Traditional Czech food throughout the conference

We Know That A Little Party Never Killed Anybody

Friday party 19:00

La Loca Bar
Alšovo nábřeží 12, Praha 1

Saturday party 18:30

La Royal
Alšovo nábřeží 12, Praha 1

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